Arroz Amarillo con Seitan, Sikil Pak, Hearts of Palm “Ceviche”

It’s not always easy to find a meal to please everyone in my family. Read: it’s downright impossible. When thinking about plant-based protein sources beyond legumes, the common big three are tofu, tempeh and seitan. The other night our dinner included tempeh, which is one of my favorites and the lowest on the list for child 1, child 2, and husband. Child 1 cried out “why can’t we have seitan?” I honestly could not┬áremember the last time I served seitan. Back in our pre-kid years, husband and I would eat it fairly regularly- whether from pure enjoyment or how budget friendly it can be when you make it yourself, as I’ve been doing for over a decade. While it does come together fairly easy when you have the ingredients, it’s not convenient if you’re trying to throw together a last minute meal. Also, as I cook more for people who either require or embrace a gluten free diet this “wheat meat” has disappeared from my meal planning. But hey, the kids want it. Maybe we can get through a meal without a fight. Continue reading “Arroz Amarillo con Seitan, Sikil Pak, Hearts of Palm “Ceviche””