Curry Cashew Cream Gnocchi, Lentil Balls, Roasted Red Cabbage, Pickled Apples

I didn’t much feel like cooking yesterday. Most of the day I had it in my head that I’d just run to the market and get a thing or two to incorporate into a super simple supper. But then, I also didn’t feel much like going to the market. Normal solution? Just work with what’s on hand. Keep it simple.

Things got out of hand pretty quick. Oh, we have some potatoes. How about gnocchi? Lentils…hmmm…lentil “meat” balls? Sure, let’s try that. Well, may as well dirty another dish, pickled apples sound yummy. And since you’re using every single stove burner, why not throw something in the oven?IMG_20170426_182033

It’s the latest in my irritating trend of doing too much with not enough time or space. Last Tuesday we had an after school event. Okay, taco Tuesday, easy enough. Except, instead of working from a kit for quick junk food tacos, let’s season and bake up some tofu, and marinate and sear some oyster mushrooms, and fresh red cabbage slaw sounds nice with that. And this week we had somewhere to be Monday evening, so let’s do pizza. Except, I’m going to make the dough. And sauce. And another sauce for the second pizza.

20170426_164254Back to last night. The kitchen was a disaster. I spent two hours cooking instead of taking a few minutes to zip over to the market. Homemade everything. Steam potatoes for gnocchi. Soak cashews for cream sauce. Cook lentils in broth. Boil the pickling stuff. The easiest part was throwing red cabbage in the oven for a roast.


Delicious? Yes. Worth repeating? Certainly. I’ll need to tinker a bit more before posting a recipe. I mean, c’mon guys, I haven’t even finished cleaning all the dishes yet.

Oh, and tonight we’re totally having quick and easy junk food tacos.


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